What is it?

Hijinx Hotel

Hijinx Hotel is made up of 10 challenge rooms, each designed for between 2 and 6 players to work together to complete challenges and score points on the leaderboard.

The challenge rooms are magical, immersive, and a WHOLE lot of FUN!

What will your Hijinx Hotel Experience Look Like?

Get assigned a set of 5 random challenge rooms - your goal is to score as many points as you can!

When you enter a room, you will be briefed on the objective for each room

Your team will have a set time in each room to score as many points as possible before moving to the next room

Points scored in each room will be combined to create your total score

At the end of the 5 rooms, your total score will be displayed on the leaderboard - the group with the highest score wins!

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So, What is a Challenge Room?

Unlike an escape room, a challenge room has a single objective (such as throwing a basketball through a hoop, solving word scrambles, or remembering song patterns on a giant piano) that will gradually become more difficult as your time ticks down.

Every time you complete the objective, your team will score a point.

The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible in a set time period.

Can leave at any time you please (you just won't score as many points!)

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So how does it work?

Well, we are glad you asked.

On arrival, your group will need to check in at concierge, where you will be assigned a set of 5 random challenge rooms to complete.

Our friendly hotel staff will escort you to each room, where you will be given a set time to score as many points as possible by completing challenges, or solving puzzles as a team.

At the end of your session, you will be ranked on the leaderboard based on the number of points that you scored. The winner takes all the glory!!